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Return of the Death Match

Mark your calendars for the morning of the 2nd Saturday of every month... if you have obligations, get out of them... kids, find someone to watch them...  excuses, quit making them... :)  we're bringing back the Death Match...


Here's how it works...


9am on the 2nd Saturday of every month (weather and events permitting, alternate dates possible) we all meet at Lookout Mountain, probably at the park before the pillars.  The first time up we all start at the same time and record our times.  The following times we go up we stagger based on handicaps of our most recent times.


For instance, the 1st week let's say it takes me 45min (this is a gross embellishment, it might be more like an hour and a half), it takes Melissa 35min, Brett 25min and Erik 24min.  Again, only examples..  The next month I take of first, Melissa waits 10min, Brett waits 20min, and Erik 21min.  The goal is to get us all to the top at approximately the same time, but it also gives both the chaser and chasee motivation!


Afterwards we can drop down the back side and do a group ride if everyone is up for it.  As always I can keep the handicap matrix on the website as motivation as long as everyone is ok with that.

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Winter Park Mountain Circuit

Ride Against the Machine / Salvagetti Mountain Bike Team

Mountain Circuit Race Report (8/23/08)

Rider Results and Comments from last weekend...

Special thanks to: Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop, HoneyStinger bars and gels, Maxxis tires

Winter Park Mountain Circuit - Winter Park, CO

Shawn Meredith - 21st place Pro Men - Time 1:40:40.0
Wow, I got second! Second to last. I could not get my legs moving this race, and was sucking wind the whole time. Sometimes your just pedaling squares I guess. I was really glad I was on the full squishy though, the downhills were really fun, and did not beat me up. This course was really fun, and I had a good ride. I am really looking forward to some redemption next weekend at King of the Rockies.

More on Shawn's race can be found at http://shawn-meredith.blogspot.com/2008/08/winter-park-6-mountain-circuit-race.html

Chris Plesko - 5th place Expert Men 25-29 - Time: 1:51:34.4
The first ever run on the Winter Park Mountain top circuit was quite the course! We took the lift up to a high altitude (over 11,000 feet) lap race and then a bomber down the Mary Jane side to the finish. Expecting a pretty straight up and down course I tried out 34x20 gearing which was probably two teeth too easy in the back. I led out with a group of six in my field and hung through lap one. My arms were too pumped on lap two to hang on however and the leaders escaped. I tried to chase them down each lap on the steep dirt road climb but I could never make up enough ground to hang in on the downhills. I backed off the chase on the last part of lap 3 and enjoyed the fast descent down the hill. The last piece of trail had a nasty little climb in it and I rolled across the line in 5th. Great course and I'm looking forward to King of the Rockies where I think I'll try out 34x18 instead.

Marni Plesko - 3rd place Sport Women 19-29 - Time: 1:48:02.3
After getting snowed out the previous weekend, the Mountain Top Circuit went off in beautiful weather.  I spent the morning very nervous about what I'd heard to be a very technical course.  Nicolette and I got up the lift without a hitch (which is not always easy!) and did a good warmup, only to find that our start was pushed back 15 minutes.  Once we finally got started, the pack took off like usual up the dirt road.  Perhaps due to my ramped up training, or my good warmup, I was finally able to stick behind Nicolette as we charged through the pack and were soon near the front of the group heading into the singletrack.  Unfortunately, a girl crashed a few people up, and in my attempt to get around her as the girl behind me screamed at everyone to move, I clipped my helmet and then bars on a tree and went down myself.  Once on the ground, I had to wait for the entire field of girls to pass me before having a chance to hop back on the trail, negating the good start on the road.  I bashed my ankle pretty good but kept going and used the pain as fuel to go fast and get out of the back of the pack.  Girl after girl went down in front of me on the first lap of the circuit so I carefully picked my way through riders and fallers to complete the two laps before heading down the hill to Mary Jane.  Once I was able to get out of the pack, I could make my way down at my own good pace and I made up a lot of time.  The ride was technical, but absolute fun.  I crossed the line in 3rd place, narrowly squeeking out 4th by 23 seconds.  This is the first race that I feel I really raced well, and was very happy to get 3rd and lock up my 2nd overall placing for the series. 

Nicolette Clark- 1st Place Sport Women 19-29-Time: 1:40:34
After much debate about competing in this race, I decided to go for it. I am really glad I did, this race was definitely one of my favorites. It was full of twisty singletrack over rocks and roots, decent climbs and a long descent. The descent wasn’t at all what they made it out to be, it actually rode pretty slow, with some difficult switchbacks and narrow trail, which made it hard to get much speed. The last section, Jackalope, was by far the hardest. Lots of ups and downs, a  couple really steep sections, sharp turns through trees, and for me a not so graceful crash in the middle. I survived and was able to cross the finish line ahead of all my competitors, giving me my first “official” first place of the season.

More on Nicolette's race can be found at http://nicoletteclark.wordpress.com/2008/08/24/winter-park-race-6/
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Winter Park Crankworx Cross Country

Ride Against the Machine / Salvagetti Mountain Bike Team

Crankworx Colorado Cross Country Race Report (8/2/08)

Rider Results and Comments from the Crankworx weekend...

Special thanks to: Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop, HoneyStinger bars and gels, Maxxis tires

Winter Park Crankworx Colorado Cross Country - Winter Park, CO

Shawn Meredith - 32nd place Pro Men - Time: 2:00:1.4
My first pro race in the WP series went as well as could be expected. There was a very tough field with over 40 competitors.  The start was good, and I was able to make a few moves that got me in the top half of the field. However around mile 16 I started to go into survival mode, and forced myself to just keep pedaling. A minor fall threw off my mental game for a few miles, and I lost several positions on the final descents, partly due to loose handlebar grip. I am quite satisfied with my time, and have a new goal of moving up in the field.

More on Shawn's race can be found at http://shawn-meredith.blogspot.com/2008/08/crankworx-colorado-cross-country-race.html

Scott DeLeeuw - 20th place Beginner Men 35-39 - Time 2:34:12
Coming off of a 300 mile RAGBRAI week, I thought I would be flying in this race.  Even though everyone walked away from me, I still felt like I was riding well and felt really good.  The course was almost exactly the valley Point to Point done in the opposite direction.  At times I let myself mentally despise the same trails over and over again, but then I remembered that no ride is a bad ride and was just having a blast being out on the dirt.  My RockShox Duke has been leaking like the Exxon Valdez for some time now and it started to bottom out on moderate bumps, making me go very wide in to corners, and forcing me to really throttle it back on the downhills.  On the last downhill I swept wide through a turn and my bar ends hooked a tree and I went down hard.  Luckily I got no road rash as I hit the trail abruptly and didn't skid, but man did it hurt.  Confidence shaken, I got up and finished the race at a snail's pace, trying hard not to let what just happened get in to my head.  Afterwards we had a great post-race lunch at Dairy King and that made everything all better.  Next race I will be sporting Chris' RockShox Reba!

Nicolette Clark - 2nd place Sport Women 19-29 - Time 2:01:25
I was not feeling up to racing at the start of the Cross Country. My wrist had been bothering me all week, and I didn’t feel my energy was up to par. I figured this would be the other race that I drop so I decided to just have fun. It started on an uphill dirt road again, and after the blow up at the start of the last race I decided to take it easy on this one. We started up the hill and I immediately got passed by a lot of girls. There seemed to be an abnormally large amount of women doing this race, so it was a little intimidating. Somehow I ended up catching girl and girl, on both the climbs and descents, and rarely got passed. I felt great, I climbed pretty fast and never burnt up and descended fast. By the last downhill of the race there was no one in front or behind me. I was surprised at how much energy I still had, I still wanted to ride by the time I crossed the finish line. I came in second, which was a total shocker considering how I felt at the start of the race.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 August 2008 00:04
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